CA Final Direct Tax Handwritten Compact Book (2 Volumes) By CA Bhanwar Borana

CA Final Direct Tax Handwritten Compact Book (2 Volumes) By CA Bhanwar Borana

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CA Final Handwritten Compact Book By Ca Bhanwar Borana For May 23 and Nov 23 Attempt. These books are amended as per Finance Act 2022 cover all case laws applicable for May 2023 and Nov 23 exam. The compact book is India's first handwritten colored book for CA Final Direct Tax by CA Bhanwar Borana.

Kit Contents
  • Books
  • CA Bhanwar Borana
  • Paperback
  • Latest (Applicable For May 23)
  • English
  • 1.780 KG

Volume 1

  1. General Tax Rates & Marginal Relief
  2. Income From Capital Gain
  3. Income From Other Sources
  4. Valuation Rules
  5. Profit & Gains From Business Or Profession
  6. Income Computaion & Disclosure Standards
  7. Amalgamation & Demerger
  8. Bonus Striping Transaction And Bond Washing Transaction
  9. Taxation Of Dividend & Deemed Dividend 9. Taxation In Case Of Liquidation
  10. Taxation Of Buy Back
  11. Taxation Of Political Parties
  12. Electoral Trust
  13. Taxation Of Firm & LLP
  14. Taxation of Trust
  15. Tax On Accreted Income(Exit Tax)
  16. Taxation Of AOP/BOI
  17. Taxation Of Business Trust(Reit/lnvit)
  18. Taxation Of Investment Fund
  19. Taxation Of Securitisation Trust
  20. Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT
  21. Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT)
  22. Taxation Of Co.Op.Societies
  23. Deduction /s 10AA-SEZ
  24. Deduction u/c Vi-A
  25. Return filing & Assessment procedure
  26. Appeal & Revision
  27. Advance tax
  28. Interest u\s 234a.234b.234c.234d.244a
  29. TDS &TCS
  30. Dispute Resolution Committee
  31. Cash Loan, Deposits & Advances
  32. Clubbing Of Income
  33. Set Off & C/f Of Losses
  34. Income From Salary
  35. Taxation In Case Of Esops
  36. Income From House Property
  37. Agriculture Income
  38. Tonnage Taxation
  39. Expenditure Income For Exempt Income
  40. GAAR
  41. Liability In Special Cases
  42. Penalties & Prosecution
  43. Miscellaneous Provisions
  44. Sft & Reportable Account
  45. Remaining Case Laws

Volume 2

  1. Transfer Pricing
  2. Non Resident Taxation
  3. Double Taxation Relief
  4. Advance Ruling
  5. Equalisation Levy
  6. Model Tax Conventions
  7. Application & Interpretation of tax Treaties
  8. Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
  9. Rule128 Foreign tax Credit
  10. Rate of Exchange for Conversion into Rupees of Income earn in foreign Currency
About The Faculty

CA Bhanwar Bhorana Sir After attaining the respect of being called a CA chose to spread and share his knowledge to the coming young students who aspire to be CA's too. Bhawar Borana sir believes that studies with fun are a great blend that makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision. CA Bhanwar Borana plays multiple roles very effectively as a Guide, Teacher, Mentor, Motivator, and Friend to his students. Banwar sir is the professor to go beyond the theoretical reading of the section and make students solve practice problems in the class which puts the students to ease during the examinations.