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CA Final FR Latest Batch Full Book Set(With Striker 5.0) By CA Sarthak Jain

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CA Final New FR Latest Batch Full Book Set (With Striker 5.0) By CA Sarthak Jain in PaperBack mode. These books are beneficial for Nov 22 and onward attempts.

Kit Contents
  • Books (Brahmastra 3.0+Striler 4.0(Vol 1&2)+ Ind AS Drone Charts 3.0)
  • CA Sarthak Jain
  • Latest
  • Digital Books- 1 Year
  • English
Additional Information
  • Digital books are non-printable and can be viewed only on a laptop with the help of the content browser.
  • Digital books once activated on a laptop will not be transferred on any other laptop in any case.



1. Brahmastra Book - MultiColoured Book. All Concepts and Selected Concept Building Practical Questions with solutions for: Introduction and RoadMap, IndAS Based FS, Schedule III - Division 2, Ind AS 1, Financial Instruments, Consolidation, Business Combination, Share-Based Payments

2. Ind AS Drone Charts - Handcrafted book which makes ‰ÛÏInd AS & Other Topics‰۝ easy to understand & revise one day before exams Pictorial presentation of all concepts. These are not summary charts but Drone Charts - Comprehensive & Concise, covers ‰ÛÏInd AS & Other Topics‰۝ with SJ's conceptual clarity and coverage

3. Q&A Striker Book - Handcrafted Concept Building Questions for building every concept, Study Material questions with updated solutions, IFRS Questions adapted as per IndAS, Past exams AS Based Questions re-drafted as per IndAS with Solutions,Clarification Bulletin, Education Material, MTP and RTP questions included Updated as per ICAI's revised SM 2020